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Jul 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
24-year-old james holmes didn't say a single word during the hearing, but some of the victims' family members had plenty to say. eye lens and seemingly dazed the accused mass -- silent and seemingly dazed the accused mass murderer appeared in court for the first time. >> order -- ordinarily individuals are entitled to bail, but in light of the charges you or a no bond hold. >> reporter: at times he made strange faces even dropping his head and closing his eyes. the district attorney said the death penalty is a possibility, but that will take time and be made in consultation with the victims' families. >> there's so much victims have to take into account and victims will be impacted by that decision in an enormous way for years if the death penalty is sought. that's a very long process that impacts their life for years. >> reporter: david sanchez, the son-in-law of a victim, already made up his made. >> what's the appropriate punishment? >> death. >> reporter: alex teves took a bullet protecting his girl friend from the gunfire. alex's father tom sat in the front row in cou
Jul 24, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in the colorado theater shootings. much of their evidence comes from the suspect, james holmes' apartment. and as elizabeth reports, we are slowly starting to learn more about what was inside and just how dangerous and complex it was for police. >> designed to kill. that's how police describe his apartment. police responded after taking the 24-year-old into custody early friday morning when he gunned down dozens of people inside a movie theater killing 12. he warned police about his explosive one bedroom apartment and what they found was a booby trapped disaster waiting to happen. >> this would be one of the first times what we can describe as a house bomb in the united states. some of these things do exist overseas. we have seen them in places like iraq and afghanistan. >> according to a law enforcement official, the space was rigged with more than 30 homemade grenades and so gallons of gasoline. it was calculated to maximize the strength. the control box is being examined by the fbi. holmes stockpiled supplies and weapons in recent months. evidence they allege of calculation and deli
Jul 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the back of the theater and appears to have waited for them to arrive. 24-year-old james holmes was in the process of with drawing from the university of colorado denver's graduate program in neurosciences. his family is from the san diego area. police say his only prior record is a speeding ticket in october of last year. investigators say he had one handgun on him and three other weapons in his car including a 12 gauge shotgun and an assault rifle. >> we can't allow people that are aberrations of nation to take away the joys and freedoms that we enjoy. >> warner brothers canceled the premier of the film scheduled for paris tonight. the studio has not said if any other screenings might be canceled. the chain that owns the theater in aurora says it's working with law enforcement but it's stepping up security at several locations. >> we will always wish that no matter how much we do now that we had done more. >> president obama was in florida when the news broke. he made one appearance but chose not to campaign and then canceled the rest of the day's campaigning to come back to d
Jul 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
batman movie. the suspect in the case, 24- year-old james holmes, is due in court monday to be formally charged. guards at the detention center where he is being held say holmes claims he has no memory of the attack and doesn't understand why he is behind bars. >> the 9 weather team is issuing a code yellow alert because of the risk of storms tonight. anny is in the weather center with the outlook. >> lesli, we look like we can see some severe storms south of town. here around the district and beltway, i see a couple showers moving through. i don't expect those to be severe. a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued until 10:00 tonight. culpeper and fredericksburg. we see some showers out to the west and south of us. these are not severe. thunderstorm just south of fredericksburg, that is heading due east, and storms that do come through had the potential to be strong to severe. the damaging wind gusts are our main concern. we see showers. around the district, we can get rain, bring the umbrella if you have plans to go out to dinner. we see quite a bit of lightning, especially south
Jul 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. he responded very appropriately. and said yes when he understood the charges. >> holmes is being held in isolation at the arapahoe county jail. he was led through an under ground tunnel connected to the house where friends and family of the victim waiting hods. >> outside. >> we are here to represent strength that the community has. we are here to represent a lack of fear of what this individual tried to cause. we are trying to show with our presence to the community that yes, he's here, but we're here also. the man was a coward, we are here to show we have strength and willing to fight back. >> 12 movie goers were killed and more than 50 were wounded in the mass shooting during the batman film premier on july 20. loved ones left behind want justice. >> i absolutely want to face the suspect in court. he looked my daughter in the eye and shot her and killed her. and i want to look him in the eye for her and i'll be there until he is sentenced and beyond depending on what happens. >> some shooting survivors still remain hospitalized. i'm chris welch reporting from centennial,
Jul 31, 2012 6:00pm EDT
there is no medical evidence to support that claim. d.c. congresswoman, eleanor holmes norton sees the bill as a direct challenge. >> it's an attack on what the supreme court has said. >> the vote is putting lawmakers on the record on abortion just before an election. pro and antiabortion rights groups are keeping score. >> it's important for the congress to vote on this bill and get a strong majority in support of reversing the current policy in our nation's capital. >> constitution gives congress the authority to govern what happens in d.c. but holmes norton says there are national implications. >> they will come for you next. they are aiming for you at the national campaign. >> in a 2007 study, the center for disease control reported no abortions were performed in washington, d.c. after 20 weeks despite it being legal. kara for cbs news, washington. >> abortion bill needs a 2/3 ma jurorty and. >> another vote of confidence for plans to build a streetcar along columbia pike. the supervisors approved the plan as its preferred option. last week, arlington county threw his support behi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6